• Flyaway Bird Repellent Tool

    Troubled by bird droppings at your premises?
    Put your worries to rest with our one of a kind efficient,
    economical and safe tool.

Flyaway Bird Repellent Tool

A lot of places are such where birds really prove to be a big menace.

It could be an office building or a large residential complex the problem remains the same, Bird Droppings There are 2 things that can be done either we keep cleaning the place or we build in a series of nails which prevent the birds come.

In the first case, we all have 24 hours only and the second case is not all that pleasant. So here is our Solution to you... "Flyaway Bird Repellent Tool"

The easiest and safest way to get rid of birds and ultimately the menace without endangering them or cause damage to your property esthetics or structure. Flyaway Bird Repellant is a basically small cup that you can place in the areas where there is a maximum number of bird visitors.

The Product is environment-friendly made from 100% natural additives in GRAS (GENERALLY RECOGNIZED AS SAFE) list, which is highly effective to drive out different kinds of birds also registered with United States of America Environmental Protection Agency known as US EPA.


How It Works


What birds smell?

It has a Citronella Peppermint stimulant which birds just can't stand, As they approach them, the stimulant gets stronger as a result of which they have to go away.


What birds see?

Another aspect is that it also looks like it is a fire to the birds which is even more of a reason for them to stay away.


Irritating Stickiness

Lastly even if a bird does come in contact with our product accidentally, is very sticky so it's also very irritating to the birds.


Flyaway Bird Repellent Cup

Residential / Commercial use

In the residential / commercial area, bird dropping can cause the heavy smell of bacteria, fungi, and other organic matter which can be infiltrated through the ventilation system causing significant harm to not only buildings but also to the many building occupants.

so here is what you can do to safeguard your premises, besides using spikes and other solution, where structural and esthetics could get damage, Flyaway Bird Repellent cups is the best solution, It's smell of Citronella Peppermint and fire like appearance the birds won't come near it, so you can get rid of the bird problems easily.

These are easy to install cups which can be installed with a glue at the base, zip ties as well as we have magnetic base cups for easy installation on the metal surface like pipes or beams, etc.

  • 1 year guarantee
  • Easy to install
  • Safe for the environment
  • Does not hamper the asthetics of structure
  • Reposition only costs the zip-tie
  • No Surface discoloration from glue
  • Easy to remove and reapply
  • No structural damage in installation

Flyaway Bird Repellent Liquid

Open Areas

In an open area like the ground, golf course, grass etc damage and hazard can cause by birds dropping, to avoid the risk with bird infestation flyaway bird repellent liquid is the solution,

the liquid is sprayed in the open area and with the smell of Citronella Peppermint and fire like appearance the birds won't come nearby and the place gets bird free.

  • Safe for the environment
  • Non-toxic for birds
  • Simple to use and maintain
  • Reduces damage and risks associated with bird infestation

Product Features

Low Price
Continues Effect
Environment Friendly
Nonpungent Smell
Easy to Install


Flyaway Bird Repellent Cup

Flyaway Bird Removal Tool is made from 100% natural ingredients which is USEPA approved. It’s works on 3 principals :-

  • Stimulation Effect: These birdcups emit natural stimulation which make the birds feel uneasy & because of this unique formulation,the birds avoid the area where the birdcups are installed .
  • Vision : Birds don't have a colorful vision like humans , they have infrared vision. Because of this type of vision when birds see flyaway birdcups they visualize fire coming out from the birdcups & prevent them from coming near the installation.
  • Texture : Birdcups have a unique formulation which gives it a sticky texture. On touching this the birds get a uneasy feeling making them feel uncomfortable.

Flyaway bird cups are made from 100% natural ingredients which are FIFRA 25( B) exempted.This guarantees no kind of harm to mankind/birds as well as ecosystem.

First you have to clean the surface area with antibacterial cleaner or soap solution to make it thoroughly clean and dry. Flyaway comes with 2 options magnetic & non magnetic. Magnetic you can directly install on metal structures with every 6 inch gap .For the non magnetic version ,use silicone adhesive or double sided tape . We recommend silicone adhesive since it is more effective . Also if u want to use double sided tape then please use a 3 M grade tape .

It is 100% effective for a period of 12 months . We recommend you to get that in touch with us via email or toll free number after 1 year of installation for further assistance. To get more information about bird cups please use the below QR CODE or video link. Thanks.

Flyaway Bird Repellent Liquid

Flyaway bird removal tools ( liquid form ) works on the same principal as that if solid form.

It is very user friendly & you just need to add 1 litre of flyaway bird removal to 24 litre of water . Mix it & spray on surface area which needs to be protectef from birds.U have to spray the liquid once a day for the best results.

Liquid Form is very useful for the Aviation industry , Golfcourse , Landscaped Gardens, Open Lands etc.

Flyaway bird in liquid form is also made from 100% natural ingredients which are FIFRA 25( B) exempted.This guarantees no kind of harm to mankind/birds as well as ecosystem.